Sum 41- Fake My Own Death

Canadian band Sum 41 is back with new music, nearly two years after news of frontman Deryck Whibley (now the longest-lasting member of the band) had been hospitalized for alcoholism [1]. Now, making a full recovery [1][2], the band is ready with Fake my Own Death, the first single off their upcoming new album 13 Voices, expected on October 7th.

Directed by Marc Klasfeld, the band plays against a chaotic city full off life-invading memes with falling balls of fire dropping from the sky, Miley Cyrus’ wrecking balls, Angry Birds, SpongeBob, a flying Falkor, Walking Dead zombies, and an attack of Nyan Cats. South Park’s Chef (with Bill Cosby’s cutout face), Kermit the Frog, and cutout faces of Seth Rogen, James Franco, Rambo, Lance Armstrong, Pennywise The Dancing Clown, Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden, a complaining Shia LaBeouf, Charlie Sheen, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and other US personalities also make appearances.

They leave us with these lines:

You built a castle of sand.
Shaking the devil’s hand well
at least I’ve still got my soul to sell.

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