Suchmos – A.G.I.T.

Kanagawa-ken Japanese rock band Suchmos — adapted from Louis Armstrong’s nickname of Satchmo — who debuted last year with the EP titled Essence [iTunes], attracting instant attention from fans and music professionals.

Formed by YONCE in vocals, TAIKING in guitar, HSU in bass, OK in drums, DJ KCEE (OK’s brother), and TAIHEI in keyboards; Suchmos released their first album The Bay [iTunes] just months later. Now, they are ready with A.G.I.T., the lead single of their upcoming second album THE KIDS, which will hit stores on January 25th in two versions— the normal one, and the Limited Edition that comes with an extra DVD.

The music video was in charge of maxilla.

You can already pre-order the album on iTunes.

Lyrics, as well as translations into English and Traditional Chinese are available in the description box.

Direction, Produce, Edit: maxilla
Camera: Kei Ariizumi, maxilla
Assistant Camera: Yui Uchida
Lighting Director: Ryo Takahashi
Lighting Console Operator: Riko Asahara
Prop Styling: Mamoru Ohishi
Animation: rapparu
CG: +Ring
CG Producer: Shoichi Suwa
CG Director: Go Morikawa
VFX Compositor: Masami Nikaido

You can follow Suchmos activities on Twitter.

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