Stromae – Carmen

Belgium musician Stromae has released an animated music video for Carmen, an extract of his 2013 album Racine Carrée, directed by French director Sylvain Chomet.

Drawing on the 1800s opera by French composer Georges Bizet, Stromae and Chomet take on Twitter and the public’s obsession with friends, followers, and social media. It’s also exclusively uploaded on BuzzFeed Music Facebook.


Directed by: Sylvain Chomet
Written by: Sylvain Chomet and Orelsan
Lead animation: Neil Boyle, Sylvain Chomet
Background layout: Marcin Lichowski
Lead compositor/lighting designer: Kirk Hendry
Animators: Nicolette van Gendt, Andy Powell
Assistants: Alan Henry, Aude Carpentier, Slaven Reese, Gerald Gallego
Digital ink and paint: Donna Spencer, Spidereye, B Animation
Compositors: Sean Martin, Shiv Pandya, Tim Sanpher, James Gifford, Corinne Ladeinde
Produced at th1ng

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