Stone Temple Pilots – Cinnamon

An unreleased music video for Stone Temple Pilots’ summertime love song Cinnamon, from their 2010 self-titled album, has found its way online.

The video was initally shot during the summer of 2010 with directors Aggresive (Alex Topaller and Dan Shapiro), who previously worked with the likes of Megadeth, Juanes, Bloc Party and others. However, the band weren’t happy with the end result and decided to reshoot the clip with director Dennis Roberts, who previously worked with Scott Weiland on the music video for Tangle With Your Mind [MV]. The band also disliked the second video, so it was shelved and the plans for releasing a music video for Cinnamon were completely abandoned. Yet somehow, the second video managed to appear online not too long ago.

The unreleased video features the band playing at a party while also hanging around with beautiful girls and using handheld cameras. The first seconds make it easy to understand why the band shelved this video: Scott Weiland sleep-singing at the beginning of the video looks pretty awkward. However, the rest of the video gets back on track and plays along to the song’s theme.


A Youtube link is available.

At the moment, Stone Temple Pilots are working on their seventh studio album (name and date TBA) and planning a tour to conmemorate the 20th anniversary of their debut album Core.

You can preview Stone Temple Pilots on Xiami.

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