Stefanie Sun – The Kingdom of Fools

Stefanie Sun’s twelfth album titled It’s Time (是时候) was released just a month ago, and it’s already got four singles. Starting with Telling the World the Words from My Heart (世說心語) [MV], followed by When the Winter Nights Turn Warm (當冬夜漸暖) [MV], and Empty Words (空口言) [MV].

Those three are being followed by The Kingdom of Fools (愚人的國度), accompanied by a simple piano that evolves into a more complex instrumentalization. Though it’s a pop song, it feels more epic than that.

The video is visual without being over the top and was directed by Bounce (比尔贾), who also directed MISSTER’s Super Lover MV.

added a better version in HD from BOUNCE’s YouTube account.

I must confess that I never took an interest in Stefanie Sun, but I was greatly impressed with this song and video… so expect an album review ;D


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  1. ghost says:

    the stefanie sun fans are coming out of their closet… :)

    • amy says:

      @ghost, it seems like it. I’m trying to get other stuff from her that might sound like this. I was really impress with this sound.

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