Sons of the Sea – Come Together

While I await for Incubus to play in Lima on December 05, Brandon Boyd teams up with Brendan O’Brien and they have relased the music video for Come Together, the first single from Boyd’s latest project Sons of the Sea, whose self-titled debut album was released 3 days ago.

The video was directed by Taylor Cohen and produced by Sarah Lawson and it’s almost NSFW-worthy since the video plays around with the lyrics “we come together” and features a nearly nude Brandon Boyd erotically rolling around with a similarly stripped woman in milky waters.

You can check out the lyrics video here.

By the way, Sons of the Seas is the second album Boyd has done outside of Incubus (the first one was The Wild Trapezee in 2010). I’ll give this a listen and tell you how I feel about it later. I’m okay with this single, even if the video is something you would expect from Adam Levine.


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