SingerSen – Asura

My new favorite obsession has returned with her latest MV from her full-length debut, The World In My Eyes. Track Asura is one of the most powerful on the album. As such, the MV had to match in hue and tone to the intensity of the piece. And trust me when I say she does not disappoint.

The video starts in the purity of snow, soft and unassuming. We then go into a full electric cadence, a trademark characteristic trait found in SingerSen’s music, thus extending to her visual expression. In an explosion of images that fashion themselves kaleidoscope snapshots of her inner workings, we see the visual elegance of SingerSen. She is most certainly unafraid to take risks, oftentimes stunning her viewing audience with her brazen and image-heavy offerings. Asura is no exception and becomes another brilliant piece of video art from one of the most intriguing albums of 2012.

*Note: No news yet on the MV director; however, I’ll update the video info once I find out.

— EDIT —

SingerSen’s explanation on “What is Asura?



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