Shonen Knife – Ghost Train

Shonen Knife’s extensive North American tour wraps up tomorrow, and as they wrap up they’ve dropped a new promotional video.  The song, Ghost Train, is off their latest album Pop Tune. 

It might just be mostly a live tour video — directed by Mike Rogers and Ken Nishikawa at Osaka Pangea and Shibuya O-Nest — but it very accurately captures the energy of a Shonen Knife show.

Even after over 30 years and interchanging band members, Shonen Knife is still filled with life and more energy than the Energizer Bunny. Emi, the drummer, rarely is seen without the widest of smiles, and Naoko and Ritsuko can head-bang harder than the most dedicated metal head.

The North American tour may be over, but they’re heading over to Europe next for a whirlwind tour in October. Performing 21 shows in 24 days, I wish the ladies of Shonen Knife luck, but knowing them, they’ll just be wearing the audience out.


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