SHINee – Dream Girl

Yes, yes, ya’ll. SHINee’s back with a sound oddly reminiscent of Destiny-era Jacksons. Dream Girl, their first single from their third album, Dream Girl: The Misconceptions of You, is as much flash and color as we’ve seen from the boys… only flashier and more colorful.

It has to be said, when SHINee makes a comeback, they sure as hell do it in a big way. 2013 seems to be the time for the boys to expand into something a bit more mature. If their Japanese release 1000 Years… [MV] was anything to go by, the guys are looking to move from the overly sugar-sweet of their previous permutations. Though Dream Girl still relies heavily on their precociousness, from what I can see, they’re pushing their concepts further and attempting to move into decidedly more visually abstract fare. With directing duo DIGIPIDI at the helm of this latest MV, there’s no doubt that the group will enjoy some much-needed attention for straying a bit from SME’s trademark “video in a shiny box” concept.

Dream Girl: The Misconceptions of You will be released tomorrow and the second chapter of what seems to be a Dream Girl saga, The Misconceptions of Me will be released in April.


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