Shiina Ringo – No Verão, as Noites / God, Nor Buddha

Let’s pretend, at least, one of these videos was directed by Ringo’s partner and constant collaborator Yuichi Kodama.

Both videos have been released in their full version, and both are directed by Yuichi Kodama.

Shiina Ringo has released two brand new songs; Nagaku Mijikai Matsuri (長く短い祭, aka. iTunes title No Verão, as Noites) featuring Ringo’s former Tokyo Jihen bandmate Ukigumo, used for this year’s Coca Cola summer campaign, as well as Kamisama, Hotokesama (神様、仏様, aka. iTunes title God, Nor Buddha) featuring Zazen Boys’ Mukai Shutoku in a super kick-ass music video that showcases the truly awesome side of Ringo.

Kamisama, Hotokesama is also the theme song for the TV commercial for LG’s isai vivid.

Both songs are available for purchase through iTunes.

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  1. January 12, 2016

    […] Ringo is one of my top faves forever, but her new music was middling to me, even if the videos are striking. There’s also a pretty neat live performance of Kamisama, Hotokesama at this […]

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