Shiina Ringo – Carnation

Shiina Ringo’s latest single, Carnation (カーネーション), which will be released on November 2nd, serves as the theme song for NHK’s latest morning drama of the same name.

Carnation is based on the life of fashion designer Koshino Ayako — who passed away in 2006 at the age of 92 — born to a family that made kimonos. She first found fashion profitable designing Western clothing for women in the boom after World War II, where she lost her husband. Working as a single mother, Koshino raised her three daughters who have also risen to international fame in fashion.

NHK’s morning drama Carnation is airing since September 26th all throughout the year until March 31st next year.

The video is also available in YinYueTai.

The YouTube uploads keep disappearing.

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  1. August 25, 2016

    […] her comeback comes the release of her 13th solo single, Carnation  — which has a dazzlingly beautiful promotional video, and also serves as the theme song of the morning drama of the exact same title currently airing […]

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