Shiina Ringo – Arikitari na Onna

In preparation of her upcoming album release — Hi Izuru Tokoro (日出処, Land of the Rising Sun) — in November, artist extraordinaire Shiina Ringo has just released a new single titled Arikitari na Onna (ありきたりな女, Une Femme Ordinaire or An Ordinary Woman) with an accompanying (short) PV always directed by Ringo’s partner, Yuichi Kodama.

Arikitari Na Onna is available on the Japanese iTunes store for download, though is not on the rest, which has not been updated since the release of Irohanihoheto [MV]. Hi Izuru Tokoro will be released on November 5th.

— March 5th, 2015 Update —

A full version of the video has just been uploaded in the Vevo channel.

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