Shakira – La La La (Fans Video)

It’s gonna be sad to readjust to a normal life right after watching the World Cup come and go. Germany was the only country deserving to win the tournament and no one can disagree with that. Anyways, in case you wanna still listen to something related to the World Cup and relish your mind a bit on perhaps one of the greatest editions of the tournament, you can go ahead and see the selfie-driven fans video version of Shakira’s La La La, which was performed yesterday live [1] before the final match between Germany against Argentina took place.

All the pictures from Shakira fans around the world were collected via the #daretodream hashtag [2] and the video was unleashed today. Needless to say, I really wish this was the official World Cup theme song instead of that thing [MV] Pitbull released along with Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leite. I know that’s not saying much and the song isn’t what Shakira used to do in her pre-blonde days, but people change and at least this is easier on the ears. Although, I think McGuime’s Pais do Futebol [MV] should have been the official theme song.

By the way, here’s the original music video — directed by Jaume de Laiguana and featuring Carlinhos Brown and several football players as well as Shakira and Gerard Piqué’s son — which borrows ideas from Woodkid’s Iron video [MV].

La La La is also part of Shakira’s self-titled album (her tenth album) and the One Love, One Rhythm: The Official 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Album. The song is helping to raise money for the World Food Programme’ School Meals campaign.


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