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Can we talk about the First Generation Idols coming back? First Shinhwa in 2015 (though their activities have been more constant) and Sechs Kies early last year, now S.E.S making a special 20th anniversary comeback, which felt like a slap across the face to a certain label with a certain group that is no more. To me, I get salty about these things and timing. LOL

I came into KPop -full-on- around mid or late 2008, but I had been listening to a couple of others [Bi, Kangta, Seo Taiji] for… OMG, a decade (!!!!!). I started listening to some Kpop when my roommates, most of whom were Korean, and my school mates who also had Korean friends started sharing mp3s with me through good ole MSN Messenger. It hit us hard with the Second Generation Idols— the height of Family Outing, Big Bang, 2NE1, Lee Hyori (who is also a First Gen Idol, and is rumored to be coming back with a new album this year), Brown Eyed Girls, and~~~ let’s admit this, T-ARA. So my relationship with S.E.S, who haven’t been making music together since Choose My Life-U in 2002, isn’t as strong. But the nostalgia is strong with this one.

I’m loving it. xD

They’ve released a bunch of music videos for which I have no idea who directed. First, the hook~ Paradise (한 폭의 그림), which is a strangely pure pop tune that feels modern with strong late 90s feels. Almost like they never went away. It’s from the same composers as SHINee’s 90s throwback album. It hits me hard when we reach all those Tteos’ 떳떳떳떳떳.

Next there was their pop ballad, Remember, which is S.E.S’ love letter to fans who have waited so long for them. The sentimentality of the song gets you even more during their performances on this past New Year’s Eve at MBC Gayo Daejejeon.

Remember is also available in an English version, included in the 20th Anniversary Special Album, which is available on iTunes.

S.E.S also released a track as part of SM Station, Love [story], in a clip that compiles a number of their performances and old music videos and sampling bits of their songs.

I’m your Girl, yo!


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