Seohyun – Don’t Say No

The maknae — youngest member — of Girls’ Generation, Seohyun, has just made her solo debut with the single Don’t Say No, which is the main single of the album of the same name. Composed by Matthew Tishler, Felicia Barton and Kenzie, who also wrote the lyrics, the song gives Seohyun a slight retro vibe.

Korean band EE have been eagerly promoting Seohyun as they were in charge of the styling of the MV [1][2][3][4], which was directed by Kim Ja-kyoung (김자경) for Flexible Pictures [Vimeo][Instagram], as per EE’s response.

There, it wasn’t difficult, right, Kpop sites?

You can get Don’t Say No on iTunes and stream it on Melon. You can also purchase a copy on YesAsia, which counts for the overall charts. There’s also a version available with a poster tube.

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