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Following the release of Sogyeok-dong (소격동) [MV] [IU Version], Seo Taiji releases the much awaited (크리스말로윈, also romanized as Christmaloween), what seems like a portmanteau of Christmas and Halloween — like The Nightmare Before Christmas — showcasing some of Seo Taiji’s playful genre electronic pop rock fusion.

The first version of the video, directed by Zanybros, is the Band Version which mostly focuses on the band playing in a Jack Skellington/Pumpkin King inspired stage, ending with a horrorific little girl chant.

We can’t wait for what other versions are in store.

The album, Quiet Night, is set for a October 20 release.

Keep an eye on this space for the other versions.

— October 19th, 2014 Update —

The Cinema Version has just been uploaded.

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  1. Jenna says:

    Hooray! It’s finally out! This definitely has a Nightmare Before Christmas meets Visual Kei vibe. Reminds me a lot of when they made that super group in Japan (Halloween Junky Orchestra) and put out Halloween Party. They’re both so much fun. I hope that he releases other songs off the album and that he sticks with this visual style, because it’s nice to see someone in Korea venture out of the box. The sound is interesting…especially mixing in so much electronic stuff at the end. The album will definitely be interesting. Hopefully Seo Taiji can help bring about the resurgence of band culture in Korea.

    • amy says:

      Seo Taiji’s had his band for a while, though- at least ten years (since I met him), and I’m pretty sure it would be longer considering his first solo albums were so metal influenced. No one else followed, they just stuck with the Seo Taiji and The Boys concept xD

      I like that you can hear elements from his 7th and 8th album in here, with the added funny cute creepy of the Christmas Halloween concept. And it’s so creepy he hasn’t aged a singled day for the last 10 years. xD

      I’ve warmed up to Sogyeok-dong so much. Both versions. I think IU’s sounds like the innocence of your present childhood, while Seo Taiji’s sounds like regret and longing. It’s climbing up in my Top Songs of the year~~~

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