Salyu – Slave

I’m sorry for this unprofessional post, but the idea of salyu x salyu as a live event just explodes in my head whenever I think about it. The title of the project has been confirmed to be s(o)un(d) beams+, which you can pre-order at HMV Japan.

Due for release on February 1st, the DVD will include the 17 tracks performed at the Yokosuka Arts Theater in November 2011, as well as five salyu x salyu music videos (including the two versions of Tadano Tomodachi [MV]) and two Special Movies.

Toy’s Factory has just posted a clip of the concert entitled Dorei or Slave (奴隷), and it’s just so freaking awesome — though slightly disturbing — to get to see her backing vocals made to look a bit like Salyu… you know, for the effect.

If you really REALLY love and respect music, you at least need to be aware of Salyu’s voice.


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  1. Bella says:

    OMG i loved it….. It was great//////

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