Salyu – Lighthouse

Salyu knows it’s my birthday this coming week, so she’s also released her newest single — now, properly as Salyu — called Lighthouse. The quality of the music seems to go back to her early Salyu days, and do I dare say– Lily Chou Chou?

The song has a certain ethereal quality to it, despite the pop melody. It completely disregards the music she did in Maiden Voyage, which has been her most pop-influenced album to date, even though she’s never really stopped working with Takeshi Kobayashi.

Also, this music video is gorgeous, featuring dancer Masako Yasumoto (康本雅子) in slo-mo backwards black and white footage directed by Fumiko Hirano (平野文子), who had previously directed music videos for Chara and YUKI.


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  1. ghost says:

    This is almost breathtaking. Probably would be even better on a bigger screen, a better sound system and in a dark room, though.

    • amy says:

      @ghost, I was almost considering buying this for the Live extra disc it had… if I find it on iTunes I would totally pay the price. LOL

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