Salyu – I Wanna Talk with You

TOY’S FACTORY is releasing Salyu and Cornelius’ salyu x salyu s(o)un(d) beams project in a live DVD performance shot on November 2011 in the Yokosuka Arts Theater.

Due for release on February 1st, the DVD will include the 17 tracks performed, as well as five salyu x salyu music videos (including the two different versions of Tadano Tomodachi [MV]) and two Special Movies.

In the meantime, you can enjoy the last residues of salyu x salyu in the music video for I Wanna Talk with You (話したいあなたと).

Salyu is also releasing her fourth album as Salyu, titled photogenic, on February 15th which will include LIFE [MV], Blue Sky (青空) [MV] and her upcoming new single Lighthouse. The album will also include a DVD with her minima concert shot at the Tokyo International Forum Hall.

At the moment, you can only pre-order both the s(o)un(d) beams Live DVD and photogenic album on HMV Japan [1][2].

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