Salyu – Ever Since We Loved

Without anyone realizing, Salyu released a brand new song written by ever the collaborator Takeshi Kobayashi titled Ever Since We Loved (万物生长) the theme song (or one of the songs) for the Chinese Mainland romantic drama Ever Since We Love (万物生长), which starred:

Fan Bingbing, Han Geng, actor Sha Yi (沙溢), actor Yang Di (杨迪), The Voice of China crowned winner Momo Wu, actress Qi Xi (齐溪), actor Zhang Boyu (张博宇), actress Chen Ting Ting (沈婷婷), actress Li Meng (李梦), actor Lu Xing (吕行), and actor Lei Kesheng (雷恪生).

The thing is… the movie was released back in April. I tried checking all my usual sites, and everyone seems to have missed it. It’s not even listed in Salyu’s website. It’s kind of a good song with -maybe- some awkward English, but this whole “you can only find info in Chinese” business feels like “I don’t want people to know that I got me some Chinese money.” xD Maybe I’m reading too much into the missing information.

The only ones really into it are the Han Geng fans, so you guys, 加油!

But I totally don’t get the mood of the film from this song… to this trailer.


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