Sa Dingding – Newcomers of the North

Mainland China singer Sa Dingding has just released her latest single titled Newcomers of the North (来者摩羯) — my translation, but feel free to give me a better title translation ;P — to promote her upcoming third studio album.

The term “来者” (lai zhe) refers to “people who come,” but since I can’t really translate this as “comers” LOL, I settled for “newcomers” even if it’s not really about new people coming, you know?

The term “摩羯” (mo jie) apparently refers to Northern people in classical times, as the Huns or the Xiongnu (匈奴), an ancient nomadic-based group of people. I haven’t seen a YouTube upload yet, so the crisp YinYueTai version will have to do for now.

When will a YouTube version be available?

A YouTube version is available.


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  1. An says:

    Ah, so delighted to see that Sa Dingding has new material! It sounds amazing, which is nothing less than expected. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Do you have any idea on when an album is going to be released?

    • amy says:

      @An, it’s great to find Sa Dingding fans!

      I haven’t seen a release date, but if you head over to, you will be able to find a really good-looking purchase that comes with the album, plus a DVD, postcards… and maybe giftcards?

      The official title of the album in Engilsh, seems to be The Coming Ones (恍如来者).

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