S.H.E – Dear Tree Hollow

Rainbows and puppies Taiwanese trio S.H.E released their 13th album Blossomy (花又開好了) last year, marking the comeback of member Selina [1], and now they’re celebrating some more with the Blossomy DVD release, which will include the ten music videos from the album, plus Karaoke versions of the videos, the Making Of video footage, their Milan travel diary, as well as highlights from their live showcase.

They have just released the final 10th music video titled Dear Tree Holllow (親愛的樹洞, Qin Ai de Shu Dong) at the hand of COSMOS.

Dear Tree Hollow follows the release of The Flowers Have Blossomed (花又開好了) [MV], Heart Is Still Warm (心還是熱的) [MV], Girl-like Women (像女孩的女人) [MV], Repair Me (還我) [MV], Don’t Say Goodbye (不說再見) [MV], Can’t Wait (迫不及待) [MV], Hereafter Hereafter (後來後來) [MV], A Brand New Me (明天的自己) [MV], and The Tree at that Time (那時候的樹) [MV].

You can purchase the Blossomy DVD on YesAsia, but be aware that there are several versions that don’t include both DVDs, instead including the original album with the SHERO DVD.

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