Rude Paper – Realise

It seems there’s no limit to the musical depth of South Korea. For anyone who thought the country was made up of bubblegum pop and Gangnam Style, that’s truly unfortunate. Here comes this out of control group of badasses with a sound that’s more rugged than even the “baddest boys” of Kpop — I’m talkin’ to you, Big BangRealise is a song with a gritty bass beat that forces its way into your body until you find yourself ripping at your chest, trying to exorcise the demon in there. Oh, I kid you not, it’s that deep.

Indeed, the black and white photography adds to the earthiness of the video, setting it apart from even the most artistically inclined videos to come out of Kpop. In all honesty, the raw nature of the MV is nothing compared to the unbridled grime of the music. Though wrapped in a bit of dubstep, the actual construction of the track is sparse, simple. The composition’s simplicity serves to drag the track through the mud in the most beautiful way possible, leaving nothing but brutal beats and vocal exaggeration.

This group is probably about to become one of my favorite new discoveries (thanks, Julyssa). Let’s hope I get to hear more of them before the 21st, yes?

Oh, and surprise, we have video credits!

Director: IPTC
Featured Actor: Monster Woo


As unexpected as my path was to loving all things weird, more unexpected is my ability to get attention for writing about the stuff.

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  1. amy says:

    Check out the baddest of the baddest: Schizo xD hahaha just check their single Bomb Bomb Bomb [MV], which amusingly samples f(x)’s Nu Abo. If you could believe anyone could mesh these concepts together. LOL

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