Rude Paper – Mama, I’m Home

After the piss and vinegar that was their MV for Realise, Rude Paper releases a softer side to their badassery. Mama, I’m Home is a gorgeous tune, actually. It’s not soft so much as it’s truly poignant. Though it may seem a bit corny, in truth it takes more balls than you’d think to express love for one’s mother.

Directed by Jay factory, the animated video is a touching look at something that we all go through: growing up. We go from needing our mothers to cook for us, clean, provide for us, to slowly drifting away into our own lives. In the MV we see the hardworking mother selling fish and preparing a meal every night for her family. Some of us never lose that connection; however, it’s still more prominent for kids to find their own way in the world and almost lose touch with their loved ones. Just in time for the holidays — being released on 23 December — Mama, I’m Home shows our paper protagonist coming home to his mother, bearing a gift and his open heart.

It’s truly a touching (and, I mean, cute. It’s okay… it is cute) MV and it really does allow us for one brief moment to give in to our sentimentality.


As unexpected as my path was to loving all things weird, more unexpected is my ability to get attention for writing about the stuff.

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