Rapsody Ft. Nomsa Mazwai – In The Town

One of the most exciting hip-hop acts to come out of last year is back with another single from her incredible debut, The Idea Of BeautifulIn The Town is another stunning track featuring the enchanting vocals of South African songstress Nomsa Mazwai. The song’s story is harrowing, yet it’s a very grisly truth for many young girls: coming from a broken home in which a father takes advantage of the innocence of youth. and a mother stays silent. Rapsody is speaking of the pain in selling one’s body for not only vindication, but also survival.

With a camera in hand, Rapsody takes her audience around “the town“, giving us snapshots into the life and heartache of a young girl lost in the world without a clear understanding of her worth — measuring it in dollars and the men who pay her in order to play “daddy” once more to the broken 18-year-old. Indeed, Rapsody continues to give the world elegance and fire with her flow and her incredible storytelling. I can’t wait to hear her sophomore effort, to be released a bit later this year.

Director: Kenneth Price
Starring: Olivia Grant and Chanelle Thomas

The Idea of Beautiful is available at iTunes and on Amazon.


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