Rapsody (ft. Heather Victoria) – The Drums

The third single from hip-hop superhero Rapsody’s debut album The Idea of Beautiful [1] is a jazzy track that bemoans the current state of hip-hop.

The video is a simple affair, Rapsody and smooth vocalist Heather Victoria performing in front of a garage and backed by a band comprised of the brilliant JAMLA production team, Soul Council. Directed by Kenneth Price, this is another smasher of a track from the raw MC. With shoutouts and love to producer 9th Wonder, Q-Tip, Nas, J Dilla and RZA, The Drums, more than anything else, is an attempt to pour some love back into the craft and give respect to those who have and will always remember the days when hip-hop stood for more than just sales and star power.

I must say, I’m head over heels in love with Rapsody. Every track she releases is a reminder of how pure and honest hip-hop can be. She’s a breath of cool, clean air, an uncorrupted presence in the music scene. Here’s to more of her elegance reaching the masses.

The Idea of Beautiful is available on iTunes.


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