R. Chord ft. Lala Hsu – Under the Willow Tree

Taiwanese singer-songwriter R. Chord, sometimes also known as A. Chord, gets together with Lala Hsu for Under the Willow Tree (柳樹下), extract from R. Chord’s latest album When You Grow Up (於是長大了以後), released on May 27.

The song is a pop song written for his grandparents and is sung through verses in rap overlaying a pop tune that later transforms into a very zhongguo feng styled chorus sung by Hsu.

There are waterlilies under the willow tree,
pairs of raindrops on the lotus flowers.

I use those pearls to replace my whispers of love,
giving you strings and strings,
and accompanying you till we grow old

You can check a subtitled version of the song in YouTube.

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