Quruli – The Two Worlds

Japanese band Quruli has just released the music video to their single The Two Worlds (ふたつの世界, Futatsu no Sekai), which is being used as the ending theme for the second season of NHK’s animated adaptation of the on-going manga Kyoukai no Rinne (境界のRINNE).

The LINE-like short version was -apparently- directed by Kentaro Osawa (大澤健太郎) [1], but the band has also released a short Television version of the video with illustrations by manga artist Rumiko Takahashi, who also provided the single’s CD jacket.

With Japanese Lyrics

With English translations

You can watch the simultaneous broadcast of RIN-NE on Crunchy Roll.

Quruli already has the single up on iTunes, which includes 3 different versions of the song.

The band is also currently promoting the release of NOW & THEN, a CD/DVD release commemorating 20 years of the band’s activities.

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