Princess Chelsea – We’re So Lost

I’m all for posting and sharing music videos on YAM Magazine as soon as they show up, but it’s tough to find every act out there in the Internet and it’s harder to spot non-UK/USA acts unless they go viral, which is something New Zealand’s Princess Chelsea is aware of. She’s an indie pop act who is best known for her 2012 single The Cigarette Duet [MV], whose music video went viral and reached 10 million views. By the end of the last month, Chelsea released a music video for her latest single We’re So Lost, a song originally performed by Voom, who also happen to be from the same country and the same label record too (Lil’ Chief Records).

The video was directed by Simon Ward from the Skyranch group — he previously worked with Chelsea on the music video for Caution Repetitive [MV] — and according to most descriptions I’ve read about the video, the video is set in a dystopian cyber future in the year 2022. However, what makes the video note-worthy is that the tablet employed in the video looks 1990s-esque, complete with dated browsers, big pop-up ads and more. Nostalgia, I guess.

You can check out Simon Ward’s work here. Skyranch’s website can be seen here. If you like the song, you can buy it here.


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