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Debuting this week is Piggy Dolls, a (by Korean standards) plus-sized girl trio with amazing vocals. Their debut mini-album Piggy Style is available now. Trend is the debut single from the girls and it has a catchy beat and they do a great job with their choreography too.

And before you take issue with the beginning of the video, know that they are hearing stories about how being overweight affects lives, then decide to get up and do something about it. They just happen to decide that “it” is dance and sing.


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  1. amy says:

    Wow, the girls do have something to think about… though I guess Trend is not a very good title xD The themes in this one reminds me of TLC’s Unpretty… but you know, in this case… more tongue in cheek.

    The video, however, I think it needs some sort of filter – where is Linzer when you need her? – the MV obviously isn’t as super-produced as other girl groups. With a filter, they could make those colors (especially in the dance sequence) pop.

    • Jenna says:

      @amy, I’m hoping that with Trend they meant more that they want to be a new trend of confident and strong women who are happy with who they are despite their differences. The video does leave something to be desired, but then again, they are signed under LOEN Ent. and they don’t have a ton of artists either so maybe they don’t have enough experience or something. THAT or they weren’t sure how much money they wanted to put into these girls.

  1. May 26, 2015

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