Paul McCartney – My Valentine

I have to say that I was lucky to be able to see Paul McCartney live last year. But as much as I enjoyed seeing him live, I haven’t yet listened to his recent jazz-pop album Kisses on the Bottom, which features covers of pop songs along with two original songs written by Macca himself.

One of the two McCartney written songs is My Valentine, which features Eric Clapton on the guitar. Clapton’s guitar sounds great and simple while McCartney’s vocals sounds very intimate — after all, the song is dedicated to his wife Nancy. The song itself sounds great and should be used in McCartney’s upcoming concerts often, I hope.

By the way, a music video has been unveiled for the song. How great is it to know that Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman star in it?

There are three versions of the video — self-directed by McCartney with cinematography from Wally Pfister — that show both actors separated [Depp, Portman] and together as seen above. All videos feature close-ups, eye contact and internal emotions from both actors  as they perform sign language to the song. Portman, who previously worked with Macca on Dance Tonight [MV], can be seen miming the lyrics and Depp gets to play Clapton’s guitar solo.

With all that said, I’m definitely going to give McCartney’s album a shot soon when I can.


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