Pakho Chau – Black

There’s been a shift towards the Mando-pop scene for the past ten years, so it’s refreshing to see some Canto-pop singers still trying to put together songs. What I’m most excited about is the music video, done by YAMANYAMO (, a music video director collective based in Hong Kong, which we’ve already been talking about on the site with videos like Khalil Fong’s Not So Easy [MV].

YAMANYAMO has already collaborated with Pakho Chau previously, who debuted back in 2007 with the album Beginning, which garnered him some notice. In this newest music video, Black (黑), directed by WY CHAN, Chau is shown in very stylish shots against white or black, as he and others twist and twirl.

You can check the other half of YAMANYAMO — MO CHAN, a.k.a. mo-c — on Vimeo.

You can also follow YAMANYAMO or WY CHAN on Weibo.

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