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South Korea is prepping for the release of Nobuhiro Yamashita’s Over the Fence (オーバー・フェンス — Yes, it’s OVER FENCE from the Japanese alone) on March 16th under the literal Korean title of 오버 더 펜스, which starred Joe Odagiri and Yu Aoi, and completes a trilogy of adaptations on Sato Yasushi’s work.

You can check out the Teaser and Trailer.

To promote the release, they put together a video for OOHYO (우효) and the song Goodbye (안녕), which is an extract of her 2015 album Adventure [iTunes]. The music video is basically all clips of Odagiri and Aoi, but especially Aoi being all quirky and cute (most of the time). Reminds me that Yu Aoi was quite popular in East Asia about a decade ago, when Hana & Alice came out; it reached such point that Letters from Kanai Nirai was titled Aoi Yu’s Letter (아오이 유우 의 편지) [1]. Even G-Dragon was a fan. LOL

There’s a few Korean look-alikes too [1][2] xD So Korea gets my Yu Aoi thing. You get me, Korea. So thank you for this video because I still haven’t had the chance to watch the film, but I can tell it’s got Top10 potential.

A 1theK upload is also available~

In the meantime, Japan is getting the Over the Fence Deluxe Bluray [YesAsia] today/tomorrow which has just come out, but it’s got no English subs!

OOHYO also has just announced that her upcoming single will be titled Pizza [1]! And it comes out on March 15th~


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