OK Go – The Writing’s on the Wall

OK Go, ever the guys to do out-of-the-norm music videos in the era of gloss and glam, have released another one of them music videos which they’re known for. This time around the guys are playing around with optical illusions and perspective for The Writing’s on the Wall, off of their upcoming October 14th brand new album, Hungry Ghosts.

Like Chop Cup [1] on steroids.

I personally thought Crowd Lu did it better two years ago with O La La Hu Hu [MV].

Created By SpecialGuest.tv for OK Go
Directed by Aaron Duffy, Damian Kulash, Jr. & Bob Partington
Production Co – 1stAveMachine
Exec. Producer – Cheri Anderson at SpecialGuest
Exec. Producer – Sam Penfield at 1stAveMachine
Producer – Garrett Fennelly
Creative Consultant – Mary Fagot
Director of Photography – William Rexer
Production Designer – Ethan Tobman
Wardrobe Designer – Ciera Wells
Color – Ricart + Co — Seth Ricart
Audio – Dig It Audio — Jeffery Seelye

A Behind the Scenes clip is also available.

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