OK Go – Needing/Getting

The guys from OK Go are back with another video for their song Needing/Getting. They’ve reworked the song so it can be played with this Chevrolet with retractable arms that can play 1000 instruments, laid over two miles in a desert just outside Los Angeles.

And you thought they couldn’t beat themselves at their own game.

Director: Brian L. Perkins & Damian Kulash, Jr.
Director of Photography: Yon Thomas
Editor: Doug Walker
Producer: Luke Ricci

3 Responses

  1. Rodrigo says:

    This video is visually impressive.

    • Jani says:

      I thought it was pretentious. Didn’t bring anything to the song. I mean, there was no song. Their previous songs at least have been songs. They made some brilliant music videos. This was just a gimmick.

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