Nickelback – Trying Not To Love You

If you’re wondering why I’m actually sharing a Nickelback music video, this is thanks to Jason Alexander (Seinfeld) making an appearance in the video for Trying Not To Love You, the fifth single from last year’s album Here and Now. Also, coffee is involved.

In the video, which was shot at the recently closed Royal/T Café and directed by Bill Fishman, Alexander plays a coffee barista named Bud who tries to woo a blonde customer played by Brooke Burns (Baywatch). A latté-art battle ensues as Bud is challenged by another barista (also played by Alexander) sporting a goatee, fedora and riding a motorcycle. Bud’s coffee creations eventually win out and he rides off with his lady friend on the stolen scooter.

Yes, I’m aware that this WTF-worthy video — which might as well be a nod to Mike Kroeger’s past as a Starbucks cashier — makes no damn sense with the song at all, which is about trying to get over the girl rather than trying to get the girl as the video seems to believe.

As far as my history with Nickelback is concerned, I once liked a couple of their songs when I was younger, mostly Leader of Men [MV] and How You Remind Me [MV]. Nowadays, I just don’t care much for them. They’re definitely not the best alternative rock band in the world despite their massive popularity.

The latté-art coffee parts reminded me of Kato from The Green Hornet. I’m sure Kato would have outperformed both baristas from the Nickelback video. By the way, the 2012 YAMYUM Food Blogathon starts in two weeks, so get your posts ready.


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