Nell – The Day Before

Now, I don’t know much of Nell. All I know is that there has been some serious hype going around the web about their comeback to the Korean music scene, and from hearing this single I can really understand why.

Now, this is one very pretty song. I really enjoy it. But what I enjoy most is Lee Minki from Shut Up: Flower Boyband and Song Jae-Rim from The Moon That Embraces The Sun. Was I taken aback when I saw them in the video. I really enjoyed them in their respective dramas and seeing them in this music video, chatting happily about something but it ending up in true mystery — well I can’t complain much when seeing beautiful men. I feel that their respective looks and the soft atmosphere of the music video fit well with each other.

The Day Before is the title track from Nell’s fifth studio album Slip Away. The album is set to be released tomorrow in Korea.


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