Mumford & Sons – Lover Of The Light

Mumford & Sons teams up with Idris Elba, who makes his directorial debut, to release the music video for Lover Of The Light, the second single from their second studio album Babel.

The video follows Elba’s character, a blind man, through his rigid morning routine, which he disrupts suddenly when he leaves his walking stick on a coathanger and bounds out into the world on his own. Elba’s four senses take him on a wild journey through fields and woods and right towards the edge of a cliff.

Lover Of The Light was shot in and around the Pembrokeshire countryside in Wales. Dan Cadan wrote the script for the music video.

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  1. Mirella says:

    Damn, Tom Hiddleston also recommended this (in a twitter conversation with Zachary Levy…. stalker much?). Hiddles should write for YAM XD

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