MOVITS! – Röksignaler

The Swedish hip-hop/swing band Movits! (from Luleå) are making their way through the music world, aiming for the top of the charts. A place they’ve already visited once with their 2008 debut, Äppelknyckarjazz [MV]. After appearing on the Colbert Report, the album climbed to the number one spots on both American iTunes and Amazon charts, with a language quite far from the lingua franca of the US.

The group has just released the music video for Röksignaler (Smoke Signals), from their upcoming third studio yet-unnamed album.

Directed by: Axel Söderlund
Shot by: Daniel Kask
Sound FX by: Anders Niva
Stills by: Daniella Trujillo
Post by: D.Kask/A.Söderlund/J.Rensfeldt

Produced by: Academy of Fine Arts

You can follow MOVITS! activities on their Official Website and the following social media sites: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

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