Monsieur Periné – Lloré

I actually had no idea that there was a ongoing music video project that literally takes the concept from Jules Verne’s Around The World In 80 Days and does that, but with music videos. That’s really awesome!

Around The World In 80 Music Videos is helmed by Brazilian directors Leo Longo and Diana Boccara, both travelling around the world and filming music videos for several artists they meet. Brazil’s Pato Fu was the first to kick off the project with the music video for Eu Era Feliz [MV] and several other bands from different countries/continents followed suit, including Tété with When Shit Hits The Fan [MV] as the 15th video and Molotov with Santo Niño De Atocha [MV] for the 65th video. Every music video has a “behind the trip” video, showing the city where the video is shot at as well as the crew behind the scenes.

Monsieur Periné is the 67th band to join the project and unleashes the music video for Lloré, the latest single from their second studio album Caja de Música, released last year.

The music video was shot in Bogotá and features drawings from artists Ceroker [1] and Santiago Guevara, [2] both collaborating with the animated scenes displayed in the video. And as you would expect from a song whose title is translated in English to “Cried” (or “I Cried”), tears are shown often.

For more information regarding the video, check out the “behind the trip” video below.

You can follow the ongoing project on Facebook. Check all the videos from the project on their YouTube page.


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