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In the scheme of the Japanese music industry — outside of some independent releases — Jrockers are at the forefront of managing their brand worldwide, promoting their digital releases available worldwide, and touring the frontiers beyond East Asia, with activities in Europe, the United States and even Latin America — that’s like a 24hr trip, I’m telling you.

Activities for groups like Versailles, YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz (so it wouldn’t be weird to have a massive Gackt worldwide tour), iconic names like l’Arc~en~Ciel, X-Japan, and even Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (who’s not a Jrocker) is having a few dates in Europe! However, the one Japanese personality taking bigger steps has to be Miyavi, and I’m not only saying this because I got to see him live in my city.

And this is where Miyavi’s personal life may be affecting his professional one. For those of you who don’t know, Miyavi’s married to pop singer Melody, who was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. In an interview he did with Time Out [1], he talked briefly about his experience with English:

I started studying English four years ago in LA. I went for three months, but it wasn’t enough, so I brought my friend back to Japan. I had him staying 24 hours with me, and we kept speaking English. And my wife is from Hawaii…that’s the best way!

And Horizon, the second single off his 9th studio album simply titled MIYAVI — as an introduction of who Miyavi is to the world — is a testament to this evolution. Slightly influenced by electronic elements like in DAY 1 [MV], single from Samurai Sessions Vol.1, and the first single Ahead of the Light [MV], all the songs included in MIYAVI are in English.

The music video, directed by Kensaku Kakimoto (柿本ケンサク) — this information is even included in the description box! — even includes dashes of tribal African (white face paint?) and some of the Polynesia… I’m guessing some Hawaiian-ish print flavor sarong, as Melody should have some connection to Honolulu still. xD It’s a melange of styles.

The only handicap about the worldwide release of MIYAVI? It’s not yet out worldwide, even though the album has already dropped on iTunes Japan, and it’s expected to roll out in Europe in October [1] — That’s FOUR MONTHS. You guys! You’re not doing worldwide that well this way. That’s four months of people waiting while they get their Miyavi fix some other way.

Until then, good luck on iTunes.


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