Mika Nakashima – Hanataba

This is usually a rarity, Sony Japan releasing a Mika Nakashima new song so early in their “foreign” Vevo account, so even if we feel lukewarm about it, we have to post it for encouragement!

Hanataba (花束, meaning “bouquet“) was released about two weeks ago on Nakashima’s Sony Japan account, it’s a composition by Koji Tamaki (玉置浩二), a ballad that works as the theme song of the latest Fuji TV drama Otona Joshi (オトナ女子, Adult Woman).

The video, which features a gothic-fairy-forest-styled Nakashima vocalizing in a beautifully shot greenhouse contrasted with the gloomy forest, which seems to have been directed by Takashi Tadokoro (田所貴司), who has worked with Nakashima before [1][2][3][4][5][6].

At the moment, the iTunes link only offers the Japanese store.

— Editor’s Note —

There’s also a version with traditional Chinese subtitles available on Sony Taiwan.

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