Michael Kiwanuka – I’ll Get Along

It seems I won’t come down from this Michael Kiwanuka high in a good while. Last week Peter got to interview Michael (it will be out in a little while, pun not intended!), I got to see him live in concert (review also coming out soon!), and I was forever thankful that Peter wasn’t able to go so that I could go instead.

Michael Kiwanuka is so good it’s crazy. I had heard about him, seen the hype but I hadn’t heard him. I was curious, of course I was, but in between everything else I need to listen to, I kind of forgot to listen to Kiwanuka.

I was very happy that I didn’t have time to hear him before his gig here in Stockholm. I was completely blank so it was easier for me to get a good opinion of Kiwanuka.

My conclusion? He is amazing and I am now very much in crush with his music. But that is something I will explain in my review.

I feel giddy because today, one of the songs I really like from Home Again, was released as a single accompanied by a music video.

I think this might be the song I like the most from the album. Can’t explain why but it somehow makes me crazy happy. The music video fits the song so well and… whatever, my Michael Kiwanuka high is so strong I can’t string a proper sentence.

The video was directed by Adam Powell.


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