Mayday – Three Fools

Originally posted December 21st 2012.

For the past two months, there’s been a change in Taiwan/Hong Kong labels. In a surprising turn, they’ve begun uploading bucketloads of music videos from their catalogues, which has in turn flooded my YouTube timeline with old music videos and killed many YouTube links on the playlists I had made.

After Leehom Wang translated his latest song, 12 Zodiacs [MV] at the request of a fan, now it’s Bin Music’s turn to dazzle as they’ve just uploaded Mayday’s 10th music video from their eighth studio album, Second Round (第二人生). Titled Three Fools (三個傻瓜), the video follows the release of OAOA [MV], Noah’s Ark (諾亞方舟) [MV], Starry Starry Night (星空) [MV], Don’t Want You to Be Alone (我不願讓你一個人) [MV], Washing Machine (洗衣機) [MV], Cangjie (倉頡) [MV], 2012 [MV], Second Round (第二人生) [MV], and Cheers (乾杯) [MV]. It’s, of course, the only of the music videos that has been English-captioned on YouTube. I hope they do this more often.

It’s hard to tell if he’s a fool, I’m a fool, or who’s a fool.
Fool or not, time continues chasing us down.
In the end, in the blink of an eye, we’re old.
In the blink of an eye, our hair is grey.
In the blink of an eye, times and places change.
All a fool can do is march forward.

The song, which features Tak Matsumoto from Japanese rock band B’z (the first Asian rock band to have their handprints in the Hollywood RockWalk), talks about growing up and old only to find out that you are the three fools in life and we can just keep going forward.

The music video was directed by Cheng An De (程安德).

It has also been captioned in Traditional Chinese and Japanese.

— EDIT —

For some reason, Bin Music has taken down the video, so here’s a link if the video above doesn’t play. And there’s also a YinYueTai version available.

— EDIT —

The reason Bin Music has taken down the video is apparently because the students that shot the music video aren’t allowed to make commercial work without proper school authorization [1].

The cat’s out of the bag, though. It would be better to settle the authorization with the school than to shoot another music video, because the music video is already out there.

— EDIT January 1st 2014 —

It seems the copyright issues has been fixed, the video has just been re-uploaded.


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