Mayday – Cheers

Taiwanese group Mayday and MV director Muh Chen Yi Ren release Cheers (乾杯), a video and song in celebration of life, family and friends.

The single is taken from their ninth album titled Second Round (第二人生), which was released in two different versions, playing with the despair and hope drawn from this idea that the world is ending on 2012. Cheers is the fifth track on the No Where version, while it’s the seventh on the Now Here version, which makes for completely different listening experiences.

You can check out other Mayday MVs from Second Round:

  • OAOA (Now is Forever)(OAOA(現在就是永遠)) [MV] (This version only included in the Now Here version)
  • Starry Starry Night(星空) [MV]
  • Noah’s Ark (諾亞方舟) [MV]
  • I Don’t Want to Let You Be Alone (我不願讓你一個人) [MV]

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