Marit Larsen – I Don’t Want to Talk About It

Mid-October on is going to be the month of music- both Shiina Ringo [1] and Seo Taiji [1] are coming back with new music (and albums), and now Marit Larsen is coming back with the release of When the Morning Comes on October 20th, though the album is only available for pre-order at the Norwegian iTunes store only.

It makes me really upset that only her debut, Under the Surface, is available across other regional iTunes stores, alongside odd versions of If a Song Could Get Me You (eg. I only get the single and a partial album), while The Chase and Spark aren’t. Moreover, I’ve always had content restriction issues with many of her videos on YouTube… it’s like her label hates me. I don’t know if it’s EMI Scandinavia, but certainly Sony hates the rest of the world. It wasn’t until Shiina Ringo left Columbia Japan/Sony that her stuff became available online.

I hope this is fixed by the time the album is supposed to hit the market.

ANYWAY~ Marit finally launched her first (very simple) music video, and it’s totally different to what the Behind the Scenes photos looked like, directed by Sten Hellevig showing Marit standing on the corner of somewhere (comments say it’s Memphis, Tennessee) just singing, and though there was someone who said it was the corner of Vogtsgate and Åsengata, it’s not. But it can be so similar xD

I think there’s so many of us underwhelmed with the video xD


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