Marina and the Diamonds – Electra Heart MV

Earlier this year, Marina Diamanidis announced that she was writing new songs for her upcoming third studio album. And now we get a music video for Electra Heart, the latest single from Marina and the Diamonds, which happens to share the same title as her second album, but it is somehow not part of said album at all, technically speaking.

But it is the farewell to the archetypes explored in Electra Heart nonetheless. The video was published yesterday, which also happened to be the same day in which Marilyn Monroe was buried. I see what you did there, Marina.

As I said before, the electronic track is not available on Electra Heart, but it was her intro music for The Lonely Hearts Club Tour. In the music video, she looks back on her “Electra” character from Fear & Loathing [MV] back in 2011 to last month’s Lies [MV] video. Marina sings in a woodsy area while her character’s rise and fall flashes across the screen. In one swift wipe, she cleans the heart off her cheek, signaling a end to the Electra Heart concept.

It’s been an interesting ride, Marina. While I thought most of the songs were better off with an acoustic rendition over the electropop stuff your album provided, the exploration of archetypes were pretty good. Looking forward to your third album.

For more information about the multiple videos and concepts of Electra Heart, listen to the album and see her YouTube page.


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