MAMAMOO – Woo Hoo LG G5 & Friends OST

I’m a fan. I’m totally a fan. At this point in my fandom life, I’d buy anything these girls are selling. In the case of this video, titled Woo Hoo (기대해도 좋은날), they’re promoting LG’s brand new smartphone G5. I don’t know much about phones, I detest them… but this one seems to be able to be dismantled and put back together, has accessories and it’s ready for upgrades [Tech Radar]. My favorite feature seems to be their double camera– a regular one and a wide angle lens that’s supposed to reach as far as 135 degrees.

Oh, gosh~ they’re adorable. Go get that LG money, girls!


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  1. November 6, 2016

    […] Melting, early this year; and they’ve released a bunch of songs throughout these months [1][2][3]— this is the Korean version of a comeback. Their first track is called Décalcomanie […]

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