MAMAMOO – Girl Crush MV

Though there’s tons of people (that might) still (be) against vertical video-shooting [1][2], I think we’ve moved passed that. As long as the video is framed correctly and the format is used appropriately, it shouldn’t be a problem. And the girls of Korean vocal girl group MAMAMOO just proved it.

The song Girl Crush was released as part of the OST of a video game called Innisia Nest(이니시아 네스트) [Cafe Naver], a mobile RPG app- making smartphones the music video’s natural environment with a befitting portrait MV shooting that works wonders.

Wonder where the non-rotated version is.

Bonus for the Leon and Titanic spoofs.

Director unknown!

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  1. February 26, 2016

    […] first full length album titled Melting [Melon][iTunes], which also includes the song Girl Crush [MV] in the version available on […]

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