Nearly three weeks ago (Aug. 13-14), Mamamoo completed their two-day first ever solo concert, aptly titled Moosical. Besides performing their songs as a group, and having solo cover songs, they also presented two brand new songs as sub-units.

For the fans of Mamamoo *points at self* [Just look at the current avatar on display], the MAMAMOO sub-units were already a thing with constant references to Angel Line (Solar+Whee-In) and Rapper Line (Moonbyul+Hwasa, formerly known as Rare Line)~~~ besides the Maknae Line (Hwasa+Whee-In) and Yong-Kong-Byul-Kong (Solar+Moonbyul, MoonSun, the Line formerly known as Unnie LOL), the Dancer Line (Moonbyul+Whee-In, aka. Roommate Line) and LeMak (Solar+Hwasa) [1].

Angel Line, known for their vocals, presented a ballad called… well, ANGEL.

While Rapper Line presented a funky song called DAB DAB.

Both songs are also available on the CJ Entertainment YouTube Channel [1][2].

However, with Mamamoo, things are never just simple. Both songs were released on the exact same day and at the exact same time, prompting Mamamoo sub-units to challenge each other on a V LIVE APP session, making each other promise that whoever ranked the lower on charts would have to eat spicy tonkatsu [1]. The catch? The results only counted the first hour of chart-topping activity (in Mnet and Melon… and maybe some other charts I didn’t catch their names).

And though I totally thought Angel Line was gonna lose because I thought ballads would be a tougher sell, from what I could get of their most recent V LIVE session, Rapper Line lost… even though YouTube plays have been way more favorable to DAB DAB.

In the meantime, international fans can always help Kpop groups and Korean bands with a digital buy on iTunes.


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  1. November 7, 2016

    […] Melting, early this year; and they’ve released a bunch of songs throughout these months [1][2][3]— this is the Korean version of a comeback. Their first track is called Décalcomanie […]

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